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Tuesday, June 1

14:00 CEST

A responsible approach to design and manufacturing of composite facades
• Realising organic designs through the use of adaptive moulds resulting in less waste during manufacture
• Comparison of carbon footprint of curved facade panels designed in concrete, metal and composites
• Benefits of composite facades from design through to installation

Fibre reinforced plastic materials are a great choice for achieving freedom of design as they can be moulded easily into complicated shapes more easily than other materials. Add to this that the structure can be optimised for any loading given any shape and it is clear why these materials are finding more application in construction.

As environmental regulations become stricter in all industries, it is vitally important to ensure that we are smarter about how we use and manufacture with composites to ensure that architects will choose them, and the construction market will continue using them, in the long term.

This presentation will explain an approach to offering composite solutions for the architect that targets a lower carbon footprint in both the materials and manufacturing process without compromising on design. The adaptive mould will be introduced, a solution that has been used in the past few years by concrete façade manufacturers, and it will be explained how this technology has been adapted for use with composites.
It will be demonstrated that with careful material combinations coupled with the adaptive mould technology, composites the sensible choice to achieve freedom of design. More importantly, it will be shown that there is snowball effect of the benefits of using composites from manufacture right through to installation on the construction site.

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Tahira AHMED

Tahira AHMED

Director, Curve Works
Tahira Ahmed is managing director of Curve Works in The Netherlands. Her background is aeronautical engineering with a specialism in composite materials. Her passion, and the ideology behind Curve Works, is to continuously work on technologies to enable responsible manufacturing without... Read More →

Tuesday June 1, 2021 14:00 - 14:25 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)

14:25 CEST

CL RESTRAP - Active shear strengthening of concrete
• Most effective shear strengthening method due to the enclosure of tension and compression cord
• Various experimental studies verify the shift from brittle shear failure to ductile flexural failure after the application of CL RESTRAP
• All four contributing factors to the shear capacity of a concrete structure are enhanced using carbon fibre solutions

One promising means of increasing the capacity of existing shear-deficient beams is to strengthen the structure using external prestressed carbon fibre CL RESTRAP’s. In this system, layers of CFRP tape are wrapped around a beam to form a strap which acts like a discrete unbonded vertical prestressing tendon. Various experimental programs have been undertaken to investigate the influence of the strap spacing, stiffness, initial prestress level and/or any pre-existing damage on the strengthened behaviour and mode of failure.
A standard concrete control beam was tested and failed in shear. In contrast, all of the beams strengthened with carbon fibre CL RESTRAP showed a significant increase in their ultimate load capacity with several of the strengthened beams failing in flexure.
Large scale applications have been carried out in 2019 in a commercial project in Switzerland using around 1’200 pretensioned CL RESTRAP’s.

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Andreas WINISTOERFER


CEO, Carbo-Link AG
Dr Andreas Winistoerfer is the founding partner and CEO of Carbo-Link AG, based just outside of Zurich, Switzerland.He studied MSc. Materials Science at Cranfield University, England before completing his PhD in Engineering at the World-renowned ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland... Read More →

Tuesday June 1, 2021 14:25 - 14:50 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)

14:50 CEST

Concrete-based composites’ developments in buildings and infrastructure
• Concrete-based composites
• Attractiveness of such composites
• Barriers which need to be overcome

A lot of developments have recently been taking place globally in the use of concrete-based composites in two main sectors, namely buildings and infrastructure projects. This paper presents a range of examples of the use of such concrete-based composites in these two sectors. The paper also reviews the reasons for the attractiveness of such composites as well as the barriers which need to be overcome for further growth.

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Andrew MAFELD


Founder and Managing Director, Connectra Global
Andrew Mafeld has more than 30 years of experience in the Composites industry. He has a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau. In the first half of his career he worked for Procter & Gamble, Monsanto and Owens Corning. His... Read More →

Tuesday June 1, 2021 14:50 - 15:15 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)

15:15 CEST

15:35 CEST

The future is here, what are we waiting for?
• Brief history of Glass Fibre innovation in concrete reinforcement and key application overview
• Outlining the biggest opportunities for material conversion
• Call to action, beyond materials, to ensure the future is built to last

Glass Fibre Reinforcements – the newest, oldest technology on Earth. With 70+ years of usage data and nearly 1,000 applications in existence globally, Fiberglass Rebar stands strong in the battle vs traditional reinforcement materials such as steel; however material science is only half the battle and while battling corrosion seems strong enough for us, there’s much more work to be done. We must accept the challenge that outperforming the standard isn’t enough; we must educate end-users, designers and decision makers; we must fight for codes adoption, skill advancement and the development of task forces to ensure change happens. A better way to build has existed, our trades, unions and installers deserve a product that is as equally tough and durable as it is light and easy-to-handle. Together we must stand and unite for change.

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Bryan BARRAGAN


Global Technical Leader, Concrete Reinforcement, Owens Corning
• Dr. Bryan Barragan• Owens Corning• Global Technical Leader, Concrete Reinforcement

Tuesday June 1, 2021 15:35 - 16:00 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)

16:00 CEST

Epoxy Based composite concrete reinforcement solutions. “Quality, Reliability, Serviceability”
Epoxy is a proven solution for composite applications. “As a Responsible Care® company, our innovations seek to improve product lifespan and reduce waste. In this presentation, We will be highlighting use of Olin Epoxy systems to produce innovative rebar products that improve the lifespan of global transportation & marine infrastructure.
While the concept of basalt-fiber composite rebar is not new, Olin’s LITESTONE™ systems provide unique and superior flexibility during the pultrusion manufacturing process, enabling high-quality output for some of the longest rebar rods in the industry. Inherently non-corrosive, these robust and long-lasting alternatives to steel rebar provide an exceptional alternative for use in marine and infrastructure applications.

• improve product lifespan and reduce waste
• unique and superior flexibility during pultrusion process
• use in marine and infrastructure applications

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Jean Luc GUILLAUME


Global Wind and Composite Marketing Director, OLIN
Dr Guillaume began his career within the chemicals industry as a Chemist in the area of emulsion polymerization in 1985.Between then and 2002, he held several management positions in Germany which broadened his knowledge of market development as well as marketing within the chemicals... Read More →

Tuesday June 1, 2021 16:00 - 16:25 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)

16:25 CEST

New thermoplastic composite rebar concept for concrete reinforcement
• ELIUM® liquid thermoplastic resins
• A new supply chain model
• Recycling solutions

Arkema develops new solution to manufacture composite reinforcement bars (rebars) for concrete using the liquid thermoplastic resin ELIUM® in place of conventional thermosetting solutions.
Composite rebars do not rust or corrode, are relatively insensitive to snow-clearance salts and chemicals used for de-icing, and have an interesting weight to strength ratio. These properties already make them an economically viable and more effective alternative to epoxy-coated steel rebars when life cycle cost is considered. The implications are significant for coastal or cold areas.
Based on the reactive liquid thermoplastic resin technology ELIUM®, a new generation of rebar has been developed that combines the qualities of composites with the new possibilities offered by the use of a thermoplastic matrix. Unlike most thermoplastic resins, ELIUM® can be easily processed through traditional pultrusion using exclusively standard equipment.
ELIUM® -based rebars and cables can be re-heated and easily shaped or bent, reducing the cost of supplying rebars with custom shapes. Moreover, the use of thermoplastic matrix open a way for GFRP recycling of spare part, with a potential strong reduction in environmental impact.
Different solutions are considered to find the most relevant way to recycle rebar wastes. Of course, the mechanical recycling is already well known for thermoplastic materials. Acrylic matrix offer a good miscibility in a wide range of virgin polymers.
Then, the chemical recycling process consists of the polymerization of the matrix to collect the monomers that compose it. After distillation, the purity of the monomers is higher than 99% and comparable with the same monomers from the conventional petrochemical path.

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Guillaume CLEDAT

Guillaume CLEDAT

ELIUM Global Business and Development manager, Arkema
Previously, since 2000, technical consultant in the tech transfer center PPE (now Institut de Soudure) then R&D and technical support manager for EMEA at Cray Valley then CCP Composites, global innovation and marketing leader at CCP Composites and R&D and technical support manager... Read More →

Tuesday June 1, 2021 16:25 - 16:50 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)

16:50 CEST

CarbonFiberStone: high-performance carbon-negative material to disrupt architecture and keep global warming under 1.5°C
• Construction is responsible for 20% of global CO2 emissions
• TechnoCarbon has patented technologies to fix this problem and disrupt architecture
• TechnoCarbon and our partners are ready to industrialize and scale up CarbonFiberStone

TechnoCarbon disruptive technologies create a path forward towards sustainable architecture, industry and cities while protecting climate, biodiversity and natural resources.
There are currently no economically viable, scalable, high-performance, low-to-no carbon replacements for cement – and its concrete derivatives – or steel in the commercial building, home building and public infrastructure markets. Corrosion-free materials without resource bottlenecks and with faster installation times will own the market. CarbonFiberStone is such a material. Made of stone and carbon fiber, it has the potential to replace and scale up to capture, utilize and store over one billion tons of CO2 per year, while building structures adapted to climate change.

Speakers, Jury Members & Final...
avatar for Stephan SAVARESE


CEO, President & Co-Founder, TechnoCarbon Technologies
President at SOP (Saving Our Planet) and TCTF (TechnoCarbon Technologies France), France Country Manager at Climate ScorecardAfter an initial career as an aerospace engineer, science advisor and multiphysics simulation leader, Stephan has become a climate change solution expert (teaching... Read More →

Tuesday June 1, 2021 16:50 - 17:15 CEST
Conferences (Hall 6 - Room 611)