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Technical Demo Day [clear filter]
Thursday, June 3

10:30 CEST

TRAIL 1: Additive Manufacturing, Testing & More
Departure of the tour: Hall 6 Entrance (in front of the Startup Booster booth) - 10.30am

10.35am-10.45am: L&L Products - H6 R27
Rapid Manufacturing of Foam Core Composites

Creating aesthetically appealing, highly structural, lightweight, curved or 3-dimensional foam core composites for a variety of industries is both time-consuming and labor-intensive.  L&L Products' foaming core technology and utilizing an induction heated tool, foam core structural parts can be manufactured in a one-step process resulting in a short cycle time

10.50am-11.00am: M&A Dieterle GmbH - H6 P28
Flexible Production of Prepreg Preform

We show that laying an individual preform with the Crosslayer machine is very simple. The prepreg tape orientation, number of layers, length of patch can be modified to produce near net shape preforms. Users can easily automate preform production. With less waste. Reduced Cost. The machine can be changed for dry fiber placement by a simple laying head change. Machine investment is manageable. 

11.05am-11.15am: SWORL Reusable Vacuum Foils - H6 P32
A low cost 2K Spray Silicone Dispenser designed for producing reusable membranes for Aerospace or Industrial markets

The SSM-3 is the lowest cost, lightest weight; 10:1 fixed ratio, 2K silicone spray-extrusion dispenser available worldwide. Specs; weight 19kg; measuring 46cm X 38cm 13cm. having a build rate of 1sq meter / 15 minutes @ 3mm @ 60psi-Air-only. Customers comment’ “right out of the box, the machine worked perfectly”.   

11.20am-11.30am: Maschinenfabrik Herbert Meyer GmbH - H6 S72
Scattering at its best

Description of technical details of scattering units. Advantages of powder scattering
compared to adhesive films and webs. Explanation of all relevant setups
and parameters to get an even and precise scattering result. All options for the
perfect process. Perfect solutions for the process after the scattering unit.

11.35am-11.45pm: Instron - H6 N91
Reliability: how long will composite material last?

Uncover how an impact test can screens composite materials damage resistance or can inflicts damage for deeper analysis.

11.50am-12pm: Automation Hub - H6 D85
Automation Hub - Presentation and machines demonstration

Coordinated by TUM and xC Consultants, with participating companies Bavarian Lightweight Components, Compositence, Edixia Automation, and Forward Engineering, the AUTOMATION HUB, located in Hall 6, will present its technologies and its approach to collaboration, highlighting the Fibre Placement Centre as a model for cooperation and the combination of 3D printing and composite technologies as an example of automation.

12.05pm-12.15pm: 3D Printing Hub - H5 R92
3D Printing Hub - Presentation and machines demonstration

Coordinated by Institut Mines-Telecom and sponsored by Thermwood, the 3D PRINTING HUB, located in Hall 5, showcases the latest technologies in additive manufacturing with live 3D demonstrations throughout the 3 days of the show. The exhibiting companies in the 3D PRINTING HUB are IMT Mines Albi, IMT Mines Alès, IMT Lille Douai, Mines ParisTech (Cemef), Elanplast, Desktop Metal and Arevo.

12.20pm-12.30pm: Industry 4.0 Hub - H5 L97
Industry 4.0 Hub - Presentation and machines demonstration

Coordinated by AZL Aachen with participating companies Textechno, Hille Engineering, Conbility and Maruhachi Corporation and with 5 institutes, the INDUSTRY 4.0 HUB, located in Hall 5, will focus on smart composite production in the context of Industry 4.0 along the whole value chain and the development of new production systems.

Thursday June 3, 2021 10:30 - 12:30 CEST
Hall 6

11:00 CEST

TRAIL 2: Cutting Machines & Processes
Departure of the tour: Hall 6 Entrance (in front of the Startup Booster booth) - 11am

11.05am-11.15am: LDSA - H6 G32
WJAII: High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine

5 axis cutting simulation of a carbon part, and Waterjet cutting in 3 axis.

11.20am-11.30am: MECANUMERIC - H6 M58
Carbon and aluminium (or stainless steel) parts cutting using abrasive-loaded water jet

Demonstration of the versatility of waterjet technology as well as its precision and speed of cut by cutting two small and complex parts first in carbon then in metal (aluminum or stainless steel)

The Compcut 200 - Composite Advanced Composite Saw & The Compcut PCR300 - Composite Precision Router

This demo will give visitors a unique opportunity to see a live cutting process in a range of composite materials on both our Compcut200 Plate Saw and our Launched at the show Compcut PCR300 Precision Composite Router. They will experience first hand the surface finish, accuracy and ease of use of these revolutionary machines.

11.50pm-12.00pm: EUROLASER GMBH - H5 T41
Laser cutting of reinforced fibres

Eurolaser as specialist for laser systems for cutting of composites, technical textiles and many other non-metals will demonstrate the cutting of glass fibre reinforced plastic sheets and glass fibre fabric as roll material. Laser cutting of fibres will happen in a contactless and wearfree way compared to mechanical processing.

12.05am-12.15am: FLADDER DANMARK A/S - H5 Q57
Presentation of Fladder 200/GYRO-1000 VAC, brush Finishing machine

High Speed Pipe Cutting

Short summary of the advantages and characteristics - high speed dry cutting with TCT DRYTECH saw blades and the CF pipe cutting machine
demo with CFRP pipe

Thursday June 3, 2021 11:00 - 12:30 CEST
Hall 6

11:15 CEST

TRAIL 3: Machining, Milling & Manufacturing
Departure of the tour: Hall 6 Entrance (in front of the Startup Booster booth) - 11.15am
11.20am-11.30am: Comi Spa - H6 G32
The innovative 5-axis portal machining center with double rails for pattern and mould makers!

5 axis machining center specifically developed to optimize the machining of molds and parts in aluminum and composite

11.35am-11.45am: Diversified Machine Systems - H6 G71
DMS 5 axis cnc machining with fagor kinematic auto-calibration

Robotics and surface finishing: flexibility and efficiency for high quality results on composite complex shapes

We will show how to surface finishing on a carbon fiber automotive part with the most flexible and advanced robotic system SandRob. You will be amazed seeing the robot performing multiple operations like SANDING and POLISHING, and learning how easy our programming software is. 

12.05pm-12.15pm: EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES - H6 A52
Collaborative robot for sanding

Sanding operation with a collaborative robot on a curved surface in 3 operating modes :
Assistance : The operator control the toolpath, the robot applies the force
Playback : The operator performs a toolpath, the robot repeats the trajectory
Parallelisation : The operator teaches points on the surface, the robot sands the area.

12.20pm-12.30pm: Belotti Spa - H5 Q56
Aluminum moulds and carbon fiber parts in the racing sector

Realized in collaboration with ACE TECHNOLOGY – amongst the main suppliers in composites engineering and manufacturing in UK, this demo shows how a single Belotti solution can meet accuracy and efficiency high-standards at several machining phases: from the initial aluminium moulds to the finished, carbon fiber racing wheel.

12.35pm-12.45pm: Airborne - H5 P58
Robotic application of virtual potting compound to honeycomb blanks & Robotic sorting and sequencing of plies into a kit

Robotic application of virtual potting compound to honeycomb blanks
Our honeycomb Potting solution enables easyer manufacturing of locall reinforced honeycomb sandwich panels, while reducing work prepation, material waste and the cost of quality. We whill show you the principles of our system on a small scale cobot, simulating the potting process with a shape of your choosing

Robotic sorting and sequencing of plies into a kit
Our kitting solution delivers fully sorted and sequenced composite plie kits to increase productivity, improve material utilisation and reduce work preparation. We will show you the principles of our system with a small robot that you can feed with plies yourself and watch the sorting and sequencing of the kits.

Thursday June 3, 2021 11:15 - 12:45 CEST
Hall 6