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Christophe LECOMTE

Director of Biomechanical Solutions
Christophe Lecomte is Director of Biomechanical Solutions at Össur Research and Development department(R&D) in Iceland, where he serves as lead engineer on the global medical device innovator’s mechanical engineering team, specializing in carbon composite technology, silicones and advanced alloys. He is leading development of mechanical lower limb prosthetic. His responsibilities involve coordinating development of liners, mechanical knees, sockets, feet and components.Christophe has worked for Össur for nearly 15 years, focusing primarily on the proprietary carbon fiber technology featured in the company’s portfolio of leading prosthetic feet. His biomechanical design and engineering work are apparent in many of Össur’ s latest prosthetic innovations, including the Pro-Flex feet product line, which was designed to enable users to experience a more natural, symmetrical gait. With his design team, he developed the Cheetah Xtend, Xtreme and Xplore worn by countless Elite athletes and recreational amputee athletes worldwide.