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Lightness Studios
Ed van Hinte (1951) graduated in Industrial Design and Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft. He practised this profession during the 1980's, but also started writing for magazines. Later he became an author of books, some of which concerned a theme that is important to him: the consequences of diminishing material production and consumption and mass reduction, with the Lightness Studios foundation. He is a teacher and gives workshops on design and architecture all over the world.
He is involved in design research at DRS22 in The Hague and works as an acclaimed design critic and writer. The most important books concern: lightweight structures, food waste reduction, long-term product value cultivation and material flow management. His latest is ‘Designing Lightness, structures for saving energy’, an improved update of successful ‘Lightness; the inevitable renaissance of minimum energy structures’ that he also co-wrote with Adriaan Beukers.