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Zapata Company
CEO & Founder
He is undeniably an inventor.
Ever since he was a small boy, Franky Zapata has dreamt of being able to fly. As his other consuming passion has always been speed, he chose to start his career in the jetski world where he worked relentlessly to become the best in his field. In his first year of competition in 1996, he won his first title of French champion in the standup jetski category. Eleven years later, having won many more trophies, he became world champion !
He had never, however, forgotten his dream. With his first hand knowledge of personal watercrafts and also the world of development, he invented the concept of the water Flyboard® in the space of one night. This water-jet driven flying machine was a tremendous success which gave people the opportunity to feel the unique sensation of flying on a board.
Following this triumph, Franky Zapata now wanted to go even further and remove the hose which connected Flyboard® to the jetski, thus making the it autonomous. Firmly convinced that nothing is impossible and more motivated than ever, he started his research. This research gave birth to the Flyboard® Air, which flew for the first time in 2016, and which was only the beginning for this mad inventor, who has never stopped believing in his dreams!
...but Franky Zapata is also an entrepreneur ! 
He began in the business world in 1998 when he set up Zapata Competition, a high-level, competitive jetski team. He was soon noticed by leading jetski manufacturers and, in 1999, Zapata Competition became the corporate team for BRP (Seadoo), promoting the brand throughout the world.
With experience in both jetskis and in the world of development, Zapata Competition became Zapata Racing, the official brand of PWC Product, in 2008. From the conception, through the development stage, to production, Zapata Racing became the leader of stand-up PWCs in France. Among others, he developed a stand-up jet which won 17 world championships.
Driven by his passion and success, Franky Zapata turned to the challenge of innovation and differentiation in order to guarantee the future of the company. With the immense popularity of the Flyboard®, the world production and commercialisation were only limited by the production capacity.
With the success of his distribution and rental network, Zapata will continue to make the dreams of millions of people come true by creating new, innovatory machines which seem to come straight out of comic books!