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Global Head of R&D

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Jean-Marc Senecot, the Global Head of R&D, joined Porcher Industries group in 2017 with his strong expertise in glass and carbon reinforcement, particularly acquired for thermoplastic & thermoset composites solutions thanks to his interface/interphase knowledge. Jean-Marc Senecot is chemical Engineer from SIGMA Clermont-Ferrand France and has a PhD from IS2M Mulhouse France Porcher industries is a world leader in high-performance thermoplastic composites and technical textiles. With 2,000 employees on 3 continents (Europe, China, the United States and Brazil), Porcher Industries designs and produces innovative materials with exceptional properties that are suitable for ultra-targeted uses, particularly in the aerospace, defense, automotive, building, industry, sport & leisure sectors. Known throughout the world as the pioneer and leader in these sectors and backed by its expertise in technical textiles and chemistry, Porcher Industries supports its customers' R&D departments well in advance to help them anticipate tomorrow's technological developments.