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Jean-Noël MAHIEU

Safran Aircraft Engines
General Manager
Jean-Noël Mahieu started his career at Safran in 2003 on the early phases of the design of the 3D-woven
composite fan blades, within the Fans and Compressors design office. In 2008/2009, he is sent over to
Albany Engineered Composites in Rochester, NH to work on the preform definition and the process
optimization of the composite fan blades for the LEAP demonstration engine (MASCOT). Back in the design
office, he is in charge of the fan design team and in particular for the newly launched LEAP Program. In
2011, he is appointed as head of the Fans and Low Pressure Compressors design office and then in 2014
head of the Fans and Compressors engineering team. Since 2015, he was general manager of the Modules
Design Office gathering Compressors, Combustion Chambers, turbines, test machines and instrumentation,
in-service support for the fleet, engineering design tools and methodologies for Research & Development.
In this position, he was involved in helping the ramp-up of the LEAP, supporting all the necessary design
modifications and understanding of the findings, but also supporting the ramp-up of M88. He has specially
worked on the development of the Silvercrest, helping understanding the difficulties and bringing solutions
towards standard 4 configuration for Cessna. Finally, he has worked on the necessary road-maps and
technology validations for future applications.

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