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Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite
Our mission is to continuously improve the efficiency of today’s composite industrial processes and perform research and technology projects in order to develop future products and processes.
Born on 19th of October 1962 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, I grew up in Germany where I finished my Mechanical Engineering degree on the University of Wilhelmshaven. In May 1989 I started to working at Airbus as Process Engineer in assembly of metal components of the rear section of Fokker 100 in Stade. At the closure of that production I move into the composite part production where I was a line manager of a group of Manufacturing Engineers. In 2003 I became A400M Industrial Leader of the Vertical Tail Plane where we had to set up a facility for elementary part production and the assembly. After a successful start of production and first deliveries I moved to Hamburg where I became an A350 Forward and Rear Fuselage Program Manager. I enjoyed it very much as it covered a significant scope of activities, from design to certification. Industrialization of the components took place at Premium AEROTEC GmbH. In 2010 I went back to Stade as Head of Manufacturing Engineering of the plant. During this period we finished industrialization of A350 Wing Upper Cover, Rear Fuselage Upper and Lower Cover as well as Vertical Tail Plane Assembly and started the production of it.