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PhD Student
I was born and raised in Malaga, a city in the south of Spain. As a child, I always liked building things. I used to build many Lego models. I liked model trains and I was also a fan of airplane models.

During the last years of High School, I decided to study Aerospace Engineering because I was good at math and physics, and I was passionate about aviation. I moved to Madrid to study a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. During those years, I became even more interested about aviation. I was keen to have the experience of living in other countries, so when I finished my Bachelor’s after four years I decided to start a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in TU Delft. I lived there for a bit more than two years until I finished the Master’s. During my studies, I had the great opportunity of doing two internships in Airbus Group. One was in Madrid in an engineering department, and the other was in Munich in a research facility.

After my studies, I decided to embark in the long journey of the PhD. The experience of the master thesis in TU Delft and the internship at the Airbus research facility in Munich made me realize I wanted to do research. I got an interesting PhD opportunity from a research institute in Madrid called IMDEA Materials and I have been working there since then for almost three years now. I am currently based in Cambridge (UK), where I am placed in Hexcel Composites as a visiting researcher until the end of January.