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Institute of Solid State Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences
Chef Scientist, DSc, Professor
Professor S.T. Mileiko published his first papers on fibrous composites in 1967. Since then he published book Metal and Ceramic Based Composites, Elsevier, 1997 and about 150 articles. He organized Laboratory of Reinforced Systems in Institute of Solid State Physics and was serving as a head of the Laboratory till 2018. Also, he organized a chair of Composite Mechanics in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and worked there in 1976 – 1986. In 2002 was elected an overseas follow of Chirchill College Cambridge University, UK.
In 2009 launched new Russian Journal with international Editorial Board, Composites and Nanostructures, being Editor-in-Chief of the journal since then. A member of the Editorial Boards of a number of the international scientific journals (Composite Science and Techology, Applied Composite Materials…), a member of the organizing committees of many international conferences on composites, ceramics, mechanical engineering, etc.