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TechnoCarbon Technologies
CEO, President & Co-Founder
President at SOP (Saving Our Planet) and TCTF (TechnoCarbon Technologies France), France Country Manager at Climate Scorecard
After an initial career as an aerospace engineer, science advisor and multiphysics simulation leader, Stephan has become a climate change solution expert (teaching and research) and environmental transition entrepreneur.

More details: aerospace engineer (Centrale Lyon, Cornell), started working in the USA on Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling and High-performance computing.
Back to France in 1995, he successfully led several aerospace simulation teams and emergency task force groups to clear up difficult situations, from aircraft crashes to production process bottlenecks. Transport and energy systems analysis, science advisor, climate, energy, modeling and digital simulation expert, IPCC reviewer, innovation and technology transfer, start-up co-founder, Stephan has spent most of his time since COP21 dealing with climate change education, communication, research for solutions and climate finance.

PARIS TALKS : https://paris-talks.com/special-guests/2019/stephan-savarese