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Project Manager & Consultant (bio-based) FRP Constructions
Wouter Claassen is an experienced project manager of major infrastructure projects, and has spent the last thirteen years delivering complex projects with concrete, steel and FRP structures. He works for Witteveen+Bos, a specialist engineering consultancy offering innovative solutions to complex engineering and social issues to clients across the globe. Since graduating at TU Delft in 2004, he has specialised in road bridge engineering. Wouter participates in the CEN/TC 250/WG 4 working group for Fibre Reinforced Polymer Structures and is a committee member of the TGB Steel Commission. He has a passion for innovation and has worked on important developments for FRP constructions, for example: The design of the first movable 60-ton FRP bridge in the world and the world's first movable bio-based swing bridge. With bio-based materials he wants to try to reduce the embodied carbon significantly compared to using conventional bridge material.